11 Popular QnA Sites like Quora in 2020 – Best Alternatives

Quora.com is a very popular Question and Answer website among the users.

If you have any type of query then you could refer Quora to get a satisfactory answer.

Because Quora is very popular among the users that’s why some other forum sites like Quora are underrated.

Like me, if you are also a regular visitor of Quora then you would noticed some drawbacks of this popular QnA website.

For example, some disadvantages of Quora are…

  • The interface of Quora is complicated than other top QnA websites.
  • Many users use to spam their links on Quora to get backlinks and traffic (or fulfill their blogging goals).
  • Quora is not dedicated to a certain niche/category.
  • People create their fake profile as an expert to get followers.
  • Some questions get a bunch of answers while some queries remain unnoticed.

If you are using Quora just for fun and entertainment then you need not to switch other Quora alternatives.

But if your objective is to get and share knowledge in between likeminded people then I would recommend you to visit other similar websites like quora.

These competitors of Quora are dedicated to a certain niche and that’s why you will get real experts of your industry.

Sites like Quora

Stack overflow

Stack overflow was founded by Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky in 2008. This question and answer based site is mainly dedicated for the purpose of solving computer programming and coding related queries.

256.60M monthly visitors count put stack overflow among the most popular forums on internet.

Whether you are an expert or beginner programmer in both cases you should join this website for sharing and learning new coding and programming skills.

Based on your requirements, you can select any of the following products of Stack overflow:-

  • Public platform: Get an answer from experts of the toughest programming question you have.
  • Team: Share your knowledge with your co-workers.
  • Talent: You can hire or find a relevant job as per your expertise.
  • Advertising: If you want to gain brand awareness or sell your product.

If you are searching for an expert programmer on Quora then I will recommend you to use Stack overflow as a better Quora alternative in this niche.


Reddit is a community-driven discussion website that was founded by Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian in 2005.

On Reddit, you could find community-related to all categories from science and technology to spirituality and relationships.

You need to search for relevant groups as per your interest and expertise where you could find other likeminded people.

Like other forum sites like Quora, Redditors (Reddit-Users) also cast their votes on contents, after crossing threshold numbers of votes that particular content could appear on the feature page.

You can guess the popularity of Reddit with the following states:-

  • Average monthly visitors on Reddit are 430M
  • There are +130 active community of Reddit
  • Reddit gain 30B monthly page views
  • Alexa global traffic ranking of Reddit is #19
  • Alexa category ranking is #5
  • Like Quora, Reddit also gets higher ranking on Google SERP and because of that 45.97% monthly visitors on this website come from Google search results.

On Reddit, you can post your content in the form of text, images and videos.

Warrior Forum

Warrior forum is #1 Digital marketing forum and marketplace.

This internet marketing based forum was founded by Allen Says in 1997. After 17 years in the 2014 Warrior Forum was acquired by Freelance.com.

The primary motive of creating this question and answer based website is to gather all marketing experts on one platform where they can share their skills and knowledge with learners.

You can join warrior forum as a professional in following ways:-

War room: War room is an elite discussion group of warrior forum where experts can share their skills and knowledge with others.

WSO (Warrior special offers): Warrior special offers is another premium service. Join their WSO services to get the best deals and offers on products and services.


Initially, answers.com was founded by Bob Rosenschein and Mark Tebber in 1999 as GuruNet.

Later on October 17, 2005, GuruNet was converted into answers.com.

Because answers.com covers all niches so you can consider it as a close quora alternative.

Due to 5M monthly traffic, answers.com get 3240 global alexa ranking out of which 88.30% users come from search results.

Like other forum websites, people can cast their vote on answers.com.

The best thing about answers.com is a clean and user-friendly interface and the presence of the trending section.


If you are facing any issue with any consumer product and looking for the solution then go with Fixya.

Fixya is a knowledge sharing platform where users ask questions based on any consumer products and get relevant solutions.

This online forum was founded by Yaniv Bensadon in 2005.

In 2012 Fixya launched its mobile application (App) where people can ask their quation via videos.

Because of this feature Fixya app nomited for 2013 Webby award.

Monthly traffic on Fixya is 6M and their world wide Alexa ranking is around 6K.

Fixya forum category covers following topics…

Apparel and accessories, art and music, automotive, baby and toddlers, cameras and optics, commercial and industrial products, education, consumer electronics, entertainment, finance, fire arms, food and drinks, furniture, green living, health and beauty, household and kichen appliances, legal, luggage and travel, office equipment and supplies, pets, political and governments, pregnancy, restuarants, sports and outdoors, toys and games, tools and hardwares, travel and wedding.

Hence, if you are looking to fix your consumer product prefer fixya over quora for quality solutions.


Ask.fm or Askfm is a Social QnA website which was founded on 16 June 2010 in Riga, Latvia.

This website is different than other alternatives of Quora because Askfm has social media touch.

Here, people connect with each other through QnA.

You can join Askfm with a valid email account. Initially, you will get 3 coins in your wallet.

To earn more coins you have to contribute to activities like questioning and answering, watching videos, etc.

Once you get a certain amount of coins you can get the following benefits:-

Premium background for your responses (Questions and Answers)
Appearance in Weekly leader board
Premium moods, etc.

These advantages will improve your chances to get noticed by other users.

Inshort to gain popularity and followers on Askfm.com you have to earn coins to unlock their premium features.

Ask Ubuntu

Ask Ubuntu was launched in 2010 by the team of Stack overflow.

Ask Ubuntu is a community-based question and answers website, dedicated to the developers and users of the Ubuntu operating system.

On average 11.30M users visit Ask Ubuntu on monthly basis out of them 86.54% of users come from search results.

Like other sites like Quora, members can cast their votes on answers.

On the basis of numbers of receiving votes, members get their reputation points.

Based on reputation points, Ask Ubuntu team offer Extra privileges to their users.

If you are an Ubuntu user then Ask Ubuntu will be a better place for you to solve your queries.

Super User

If you are a computer enthusiastic type of person and you have queries and knowledge related to computer hardware, software and Networking then Super User will be the best forum for you.

Like Stack overflow and Ask Ubuntu, Superuser is also a subsidiary of Stack Exchange.

Most of the discussions on Super User is dedicated to the IT field.

With average monthly traffic of 21.60M, you can guess the popularity of this website.

Because SuperUser is dedicated to a certain niche (IT field) so you will find likeminded people on this platform.

Hence, if you have computer-related queries then I would recommend you to go for SuperUser rather than Quora.

Answer Bag

Answer Bag is a less popular competitor of Quora.

This website covers all categories but the best thing about Answer Bag is that on this forum you could find discussions on the latest topics.

Because most of the users on this website are from the United States, therefore you will get most of the debate on the issues related to the United States.

If your target audience is from the US then Answer Bag will be a better choice than Quora.


Blurtit was launhed in 2006 by Blurtit limited.

This is another QnA site like quora where users asked their questions in communities and relevant users answer their questions based on their expertise and interest.

Blurtit covers large range of topics from science, technology to spirituality.


Fluther is also a very close alternative to quora.

Although Fluther is not as popular as Quora but you can ask your question to get a satisfactory answer from experts.

Fluther comes with a large variety of contents which means you could find all categories on Fluther.

According to the Similar web analytics report monthly traffic on Fluther is around 200k.


I hope you like the above-given list of Quora alternatives.

But this is not the end of this list, there are many other Q&A based websites where you can get expert help.

You need to dig out other forum websites like Quora that satisfy your requirements.

If because of ignorance I do not mention any popular or useful forum site then please let me know in the comment section. 

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