Siteground review-2020 (Performance, Pros and Cons)

Looking for Siteground reviews? Don’t worry, here I am to provide you an unbiased review of Siteground hosting.

I have worked with at least 50 clients in my 2 years of SEO and blogging career, due to which I got the opportunity to use 7 types of hosting services.

Some of them hosting providers were really fantastic because of their high-quality services while some services were pathetic.

Based on my experience, if you ask me the best hosting service provider then without a single thought I will refer you to Siteground hosting.

It seems to be biased but believe me, after reading this article completely you will be clear about why more than 2 million websites are using Siteground hosting and why WordPress has featured Siteground on their website as the best hosting services provider.

Siteground review: WordPress suggests Siteground

If you have a lack of time or don’t want to read this article then for your convenience I have summarized my analysis here…

Securityvery High
SpeedVery fast loading (673ms)
Uptime99.9% Guaranteed
Money Back Guarantee30 days on Shared hosting
15 days on VPS, Cloud and Dedicated hosting
Customer Support24/7 Excellent Customer Support via Phone, Chat and Tickets
FreebiesFree SSL
Unlimited Emails
Free CDN
Free SG optimizer plugin
Free 3 level caching on upgraded plans
Plans and PricingStarup- $6.99/mo.
GrowBig- $9.99/mo.

In recent era, a good performing website is a brand symbol. The performance of your site depends on your manual efforts and technical aspects.

Technical aspects of your website like speed, security, traffic handling capacity, storage capacity etc. completely depend on the hosting service provider.

So, you should not compromise with the quality of hosting that you are purchasing for your website.

In general, I analyze the quality of a hosting service on the basis of the following points…

  • Security
  • Speed
  • Uptime
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Customer support
  • Freebies and Features
  • Plans and Pricing

Only after getting a satisfactory product, I buy that product myself or refer others.

In this Siteground review article, I will use the above-given points to present a clear picture of Siteground hosting.

Let’s Begin!

Highly Secure server

Once you start growing your business online it is extremely important to protect your site from your competitors and haters.

Security is not only important for website protection but also a direct ranking factor.

More than 50K sites get hacked on a daily basis.

The primary objectives behind these cyber attacks are to earn money, stealing confidential information, For fun, Ego satisfaction.

After lots of hard work and dedication once you start outranking your competitors you will notice some kind of attack on your site.

These attacks reduce traffic, conversion, reputation and trust of your brand. So protection should be your primary concern when building an online asset.

Now let’s check how siteground protect users website.

  • Currently, on their server, Siteground is using PHP 7 version which enables them to protect your website with the latest technology.
  • IDS/IPS system protect will protect your site from malicious bot attack.
  • To protect your site with the latest security technologies they keep their database services (SMTP, HTTP, HTTPS, IMAP/POP3, FTP) up to date.
  • Only an authorized person could access their physical server location after proper scanning.
  • In chrooted environment siteground uses Apache with suExec.
  • Moreover, Siteground has collaboration with Cloudflare which takes the security feature of their hosting to the next level.
  • On their shared server they have installed Modsecurity they protect your site from the most common kind of attack.

These latest technologies keep your website secure from Web software vulnerabilities, SQL Injection, bot commenting, Cross site scripting, brute-forcing, DDoS and other cyber attacks.

So, if you want to run your website in a secure environment then Siteground should be your first choice.

Very high speed

According to a survey, if a website is taking more than 3 seconds to load then users make a switch on other options.

A slow website not only negatively impact Uexp of your website but also reduces the ranking of your webpage.

If the server quality of your hosting provider is not good enough then all your efforts for reducing site loading speed will not be that effective.

You won’t believe but Siteground provides the fastest speed than any other hosting service to their users.

Look at this speed Comparision table of Siteground hosting in different countries…

Frankfurt547.83 ms
London454.7 ms
New York215.85 ms
Singapore864.57 ms
Sydney819.3 ms
Tokyo701.3 ms
Bangalore1.01 s
Siteground Speed test
Siteground Speed test - Pingdom
Siteground review – Pingdom Speed Test

Now, the question is, How siteground provides high speed to their users?

  • For the delivery of static content present on a website, Siteground uses NGINX technology. NGINX server reduces the load on main server and HTTP requests.
  • Quic protocol technology which is a gateway of HTTP/3, enables to load your website faster under poor internet zone.
  • According to a recent post, Siteground will install N2 CPU in their server to improve speed up to 40%.
  • After a collaboration between with Google cloud server, Siteground has 6 data centers in 4 continents.
  • Collaboration with Cloudflare enables users to use Cloudflare CDN for free.
  • Siteground gives SG Optimizer plugin to its users for free, using which users can improve the loading speed of their website in the following ways…

Smart Dynamic Cache Purging

With this facility of SG optimizer plugin only updated part of your website purge to cache.

Consufused? Let me make it clear to you.

Suppose, you get a new comment on your website, after that when an old user will open your site due to Non-cache version it will take more time to load.

After the introduction of smart dynamic Cache purging, only a new comment will purge to cache rather than complete website.

So, the Cache version of your site remains as it is as it was installed after the first interaction with your site in the users’ browser.

Auto-optimize your images

When you will install a new image it will be automatically optimized and if you want to optimize old images in bulk then you can do it manually.

Image optimization option will compress your images.

Convert your images into WebP file type.

Enables Lazy load of your images, videos, widgets and other less useful compoenents of your web page.

Other features of SG optimizer plugin

  • GZIP compression compresses file size due to which your website occupies less space in the server and browser.
  • CSS, Java scripts and HTML minify reduces the file size of website resources which eventually reduces the loading time.
  • SG optimizer plugin reduces render-blocking Java scripts to improve initial page loading speed.
  • SG optimizer browser caching facility will automatically set up a rule in the user’s browser because of that, the caching duration of your website increases than the default setting of browsers.
  • If your website is using any third-party codes like Google fonts then this plugin will cache those files to load faster on browsers.

Hence, if you will use Siteground hosting for your website then your website will load with super fast speed on browsers.

If you don’t want to compromise with user experience because of low loading speed then siteground hosting should be your first choice.

99.9% Uptime guarantee

Suppose, you are planning to promote an affiliate product on a festive season.

You have created an awesome list of affiliate products that you will promote.

With lots of hard work, dedication, and proper research you have written an excellent article.

As the festive season approaches, you share your affiliate products through your website to your potential users.

But because of the downtime of server, your website is not loading on users’ browsers.

It will be really disoppointing, right?

Frequent downtime will not only impact your sells but also Google hates down sites.

On annual base, Siteground ensures 99.9% uptime of their server.

For every one percent of loss below 99.00% Siteground will provide you one-month free hosting service.

To check their promises, I have run an uptime check of one of my client’s website who is being hosted on Siteground.

This is the result of my Uptime check…

Sitegrpund uptime report
Siteground review: Uptime report

Isn’t Amazing?

Siteground is really providing nice uptime.

Excellent Customer support

Siteground come up with excellent 24×7 customer support services.

If you will have any kind of issue or query related to their hosting services then you can contact Siteground customer support services via phone, chat and tickets.

You will get a response within a very short time span

On their website you can find short articles related to frequently asked questions of their clients.

Along with that, they also run a Youtube channel where you can get suggestions related to all your relevant queries.

If you still do not get the right answer, then you can refer to helpdesk section present in your dashboard. Post your query and you will get a dedicated support very soon.

30 days Money Back guarantee

If you will not satisfied with their services then you can claim your money back.

Siteground offers 30 days money back guarantee on their shared hosting plans.

While on their cloud, VPS and dedicated hosting plans they come up with 15 days money return policy.

Tax, domain name and other “extra” fees will not be included.

Only their brand new customers will be eligible for their return policy, after renewal you cannot claim your money back.

Plan and pricing

Siteground hosting services offers 3 different kinds of webhosting plans…


1 website, 10 GB webspace, 10K monthly visitors, Unmetered traffic, Free SSL, Free CDN, daily backups, free email, Managed wordpress, unlimited data base, 30 days money back guarantee.


Unlimited website, 20 GB webspace, 25K monthly visitors, Unmetered traffic, free CDN, free email, Free SSL, Daily backups, 30 days money back guarantee, speed boosting catching and staging.


Unlimted websites, 40GB storage capacity, Appox 100K monthly visitors, Free CDN, Email, and SSL, Daily backups with 30 days money back guarantee, prioirty customer support, staging, speedboosintg caching + Git.

Siteground Pros and cons

Pros of Siteground Hosting

  • High quality security with latest technologies.
  • Fastest hosting provider
  • Excellent customer support
  • Easy to use dashboard
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Free CDN, Free Email and Unlimited Emails

Cons of Siteground Hosting

  • High renewal prices
  • Fewer data storage (10 GB-startup plans, 20 GB- GrowBig, 40GB- GoGeek plan)
  • No free domains

SiteGround Review: Do I personally prefer Siteground?

Yes I do.

Siteground offers high renewal price but if you don’t want to compromise with the performance of your site because of your pocket then Siteground should be your first option.

I have tried to present an unbiased Sitegroud review.

If you have used siteground hosting earlier then please comment below to help others in their buying journey.

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