Reduce bounce rate of your website by 32% with 10 proven ways

Despite availability of very appealing website design, mobile friendliness, fast loading, 0 pop ups and other user friendly measures. It is very frustrating to see rise in website bounce rate.

Definitely, these bounce rate reduction techniques can help to reduce the bounce rate of your website but in current scenario because of availability many options, it is hard to make users to browse other pages of your website.    

During my freelancing career, I came across a client’s website, which conversion rate was extremely low because of high bounce rate. I cross checked his website loading speed, mobile friendliness, navigation, structure, internal linking and other factors that are generally use for reducing the bounce rate.      

Believe me; each and every factor on his website was fine.

Under this circumstance, I have to discover some unique ways through which I can reduce bounce rate of his website.

I started hit and trial techniques and sort out 10 unique ways that help me to reduce bounce rate of his website by 32% in 3 months.

Here is the proof,

Note: Before reading this complete article, I would suggest you to refer the following link so that you can clarify your doubt regarding bounce rate affect on SEO.

How to reduce bounce rate

Build user trust

Trust is an important factor because no one wants to invest his money or time on a random brand or person. There are millions of websites present on Google for a particular niche.

On their website they are presenting themselves as the best product or service provider in that particular niche. In this circumstance trust building is the only option to stand alone.

Build user trust
Build user trust

If you build trust among your potential customers then they will intentionally visit your website with direct or organic search.

If they are intentionally landing on your web pages then they will definitely visit other pages of your website which eventually decrease bounce rate of your website.

Now the question is How to build trust?

  • Use content marketing
  • Create YouTube videos
  • Add testimonials
  • Increase your social media followers and activities
  • Build relevant back links from other trusted websites of your niche
  • Join conferences and other activities in your field
  • Create a about Us page of your website, etc.

Write Unique and fresh content

Not only Google but visitors of your website also want to read something that they not find anywhere else.

If your visitors are finding same article again and again with some different graphics then tell me a reason why they should stay and browse other pages of your website.

Write unique content
Write Unique and fresh idea

On Google if you search for a topic and browse top 50 results I am sure you will find about 45 web pages are providing the same articles with different ways of presentation.

A unique content with nice presentation will not only improve bounce rate in Google analytics but also Google give you priority over other contents those are not unique and ranking only because of their authority.

Use appealing anchor text

Do you notice the anchor text that I use in this article for my internal linking?

Let me give you example of appealing anchor text:

Suppose you want to link an internal page of your website with anchor text “On page SEO”.

  • There are many on page SEO factors that you should follow for your website.
  • I listed some best practices of on page SEO factors that help me to rank my 5 out ranking keywords on first page of SERP.
Use appealing anchor text
Use appealing anchor text

Now, what do you think, which anchor text is more appealing, Using anchor text for your internal pages in this way make user bound to click on your hyperlink.

In this way your users will switch on the other pages of your website and because of that on Google analytics dashboard you will notice improve bounce rate.

Add more landing pages for high volume keywords

Suppose you want to rank your website for keyword “Bounce rate.”

Now research for bounce rate related parent keywords. For example:

  • What is bounce rate?
  • How to reduce bounce rate?
  • Benefits of low bounce rate
  • Importance of bounce rate
  • Does bounce rate affect SEO, etc.

Now, create targeted pages for each keyword and add all web pages in single tag of your website.

In this way, when a user who wants to learn about bounce rate, landed on any of your related web page then with this strategy he will find other pages related with the same topic and because of curiosity he can click on other related article links.    

Use Heatmap: 

Heatmap is a very useful SEO tool that can help you to point out non engaging areas on your website.

With the help of heatmap you will notice on which link on your website you are getting most engagement. If you have added link near the dead zone of your website then you may face lesser engagement from users with that particular link.

Importance of Heatmap

If that link is really important for you then you should add that link on other engaging areas of your website or you should make your dead zone near that particular link more appealing.

Priorities user scan

Whenever a new visitor landed on your landing page of your targeted keyword from any source and medium. The first activity that they generally perform is personal scan,

Personal scan is nothing but just a fast interaction with your web page where user focuses on some important areas of your website and decides whether they should continue reading this page or bounce away to SERP.

Priorities user scan
User Personal Scan

During personal scan user generally focused on:

  • First paragraph of web page
  • Graphics (Video, images, infographics, GIFs, etc.)
  • Content structure
  • Conclusion
  • Comments
  • Social share, etc.

If you want to lower bounce rate of your website then you should make this fast interaction more appealing and easy.

When after their personal scan users find your web page worth to engage with they will not only read your complete content but also browse other pages of your website.

Create Targeted Web pages

A targeted webpage that satisfy your search intent instantaneously is way more powerful than a lengthy less targeted web page.

Create targeted web pages
Create targeted web pages

You can take the example of this article as I am targeting this page of my website for the keyword related to bounce rate reduction technique so it is my responsibility to provide the exact content to my readers.

If I want to add other related points like benefits of bounce rate, etc. then for that I should target any other page of my website.

Keep your content clean, readable and focused

While you are writing a content for your website readability analysis of that content is as much important as much SEO analysis.

Keep content clean and readable
Clean and readable content

While you are writing content always keep following points in your mind:

  • Add white spaces in your content so that user can take a breath while reading your article.
  • Keep your content focused, if you can describe any point in one line then need not to add many lines to describe your points of view.
  • Each paragraph of your content should not be more that 3 to 4 lines.
  • Use commas, semicolons so that you can make readability easier.
  • Use conjunction like moreover, because, but, as well as, etc.    

Appealing feature Image

Feature image is generally an under rated area of a web page but for bounce rate reduction less appealing feature image is not good.

Reason is very clear; this is the first interaction of a user with your web page. Feature image not only appears on your website page but also in desktop and mobile searches.

So, if you make an appealing feature image for your post that will not only enhance your reduce bounce rate of your website but also make visibility of your website on SERP more appealing,

Custom 404 Page

Many times users landed on a non existing web page of your website.

According to web standard this kinds of web pages are known as 404 error page. Suppose, a user landed on your website and find 404 error then there is a very high possibility that user could press the back button and move the SERP.

Custom 404
Custom 404 page

Presenting a blank 404 error page is not friendly from both user experience and SEO point of view.

To resolve this issue, you should customize web page of your website so that user can navigate to web pages of your website.


I’m sure, these points will help you to decrease bounce rate of your website. If I summarize my bounce rate reduction tips in points:

How to reduce bounce rate of website:

  • Build trust
  • Write unique and fresh content
  • Use appealing anchor text
  • Add more landing pages for high volume keywords
  • Use heatmap
  • Priorities user scan
  • Appealing feature image
  • Custom 404 page
  • Create targeted web pages
  • Keep your content clean, readable and focused

Thanks for reading!

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