11 Best Music Affiliate Programs to earn high commission

Do you want to promote some top music affiliate programs on your website that can generate good affiliate income for you? 

Don’t worry, here I am, to provide you the best list of music affiliate programs that are highly convertible in nature and give you a huge percentage of affiliate commission.

Look music industry is competitive because everybody wants to interact with music in the form of listening, writing, singing, producing, etc.

So, there are many websites available online that offer affiliate programs.

But being an affiliate marketer it is important to select the best music affiliate programs that will not only generate income but also build user trust.

Here, I have listed some best music affiliate programs based on the following criteria…

  • High affiliate commission
  • Lengthy Cookie duration
  • Quality of product
  • User trust
  • High possibility of conversion
  • Support

I hope, based on my personal research you will like the following list of music affiliate programs that you can promote on your website.

Let’s Begin!

Music Affiliate Programs

Sam Ash

Sam Ash

SamAsh.com is part of Sam Ash musical family; this is one of the largest retailers of musical instruments.

Sam Ash is known as “The world’s favorite music store” which has about forty-five music superstore around the world.

There are more than 50K musical instruments and gears are available on their website that a professional or beginner musician could need.

On their website, you will find a huge collection of electrical and acoustic guitars, drums, keyboard, DJ gears, microphones and studio setups, etc.

Being an affiliate of SamAsh.com you could earn up to 10% commission for each sale of their products through your website.

Sam Ash uses Linkshare to track affiliate traffic on their website, their sells and payout of affiliate markerters.

Although the Sam Ash affiliate program is available worldwide but due to the tax issues, their affiliate program is not for Arkansas, Connecticut, North Carolina, and Rhode Island.

Master Class

Master Class

Master class is an online learning platform where one can learn many arts from the legendry experts of specific niches.

Here, you can learn Cooking from Gordon Ramsay, Tennis from Serena Williams, Music from the legendry Grammy and Ammy Award winners like Carlos Santana, Itzhak Perlman.

Being a promoter of Master Class you will earn 25% commission for each sale and monthly bonus in between 100 to 300 USD.

To track their affiliate marketer’s referral traffic and sales, Master Class uses the ShareASale platform.

Normally, the cost of each course is very high, that’s why being an affiliate you could earn a good income.


  • Cookie duration: 60 Days
  • Affiliate commission: 70% on immediate download and 40% on the Shipped media course.
  • Singorama Affiliate program

Singorama is an online learning program where you can learn singing and songwriting techniques.

If you want to become a better singer then Singorama’s learning program is suitable for you. Through their program, you can learn how to improve the strength and range of your voice.

There are 28 modules in their learning program in which they offer free software, tool and book that will help you to complete the learning course.

As an affiliate, you can earn 40 to 70% of the total sale amount make through your recommendation.

Massive discounts, customer reviews and 60 days money-back guarantee will help your audience to make a buy easily.

Because of their massive discount, they sell their products at 67 USD which reduces the amount of your commission.

So, I recommend you to sell their products in bulk to get maximum benefits.

Rocket Piano

Rocket Piano

Rocket Piano is an online platform where you can learn to play Piano as a professional. They offer step by step comprehensive video guide to their learners.

This is one of the highest paying and highly converting music affiliate programs available online.

Being an affiliate you can earn 75% commission on digital product sales and 25% on the sale of physical products.

You can enroll in the Rocket Piano affiliate program through the ClickBank platform.

Because of 90 days cookie duration and fellow back emails from the Rocket Piano team, there is a very high chance of a conversion.

Producer’s Choice

Producer's Choice

Producer’s Choice is another very high paying and highly converting music affiliate program.

The producer’s choice offers a wide range of sample music of drums, piano, 80’s and hip hop, etc. of legendary musicians.

As an affiliate, you could earn up to 50% commission on each sale done through your referrals.

Their cookie duration is of 30 days that’s why there is a high chance of a conversion.

Moreover, during cookie duration, their team sends follow up emails and retargets your audience who did not make any purchase.

Jam Play

Jam Play

If you are a beginner or you want to improve your skill in both cases Jam Play will be the perfect place for you. 

They offer more than 6500+ Guitar courses from beginner to advance and from electric to acoustic guitar to their more than 500K users.

Their guitar learning course is designed with the help of highly professional and award-winning Guitar players like Steve Stevens (Grammy 1987 Winner), Phil Keaggy, Preston Reed, Don Ross, etc.

Along with their highly professional course they provide additional features to make your learning smooth and productive.

Additional features provided by Jam Play to their users…

  • 4K and 1080P
  • Progress Report
  • Interactive Tabs
  • A/B Looping
  • Slow Motion
  • Video Bookmarking
  • Interactive Games
  • Lick and Reef library
  • Jamtrack Library
  • Badass Scale Library
  • Huge Chord Library
  • Mobile Apps

If you will join their affiliate programs then you could earn up to 40 USD commission on each sale done through your website within 120 days of interaction.



Pianoforall is a Piano learning program that provides a wide range of Piano lessons to their 300k+ users.  

Their extensive learning course covers all styles of Piano – Pop, blues, jazz, ballads, improvisation, classical, etc. with their ebooks, videos, and audio lessons.

Based on your convenience, you can either download lessons or order DVDs anywhere in the World.

Many genuine testimonials are available on their website that will help you to convert your visitors into buyers.

The best thing about the Pianoforall affiliate program is their excellent support.

For better conversion, Pianoforall offers many features to its affiliate partners.

Some of the useful features are…

  • Attractive and interactive banners to enhance the number of clicks.
  • Sample of testimonials and Videos.
  • To create a unique and honest review you can ask for a review copy.
  • In case if you stuck anywhere in your campaign then you can email them for instant support.

Being an affiliate partner you can earn up to 60% commission on each sale done through your campaign within the Cookie period.

You can join their affiliate program through Click Bank.

Virtual Sheet Music

Virtual Sheet Music

Virtual sheet music is a sheet music download site that ranks on Google for many sheet music related keywords and receives more than 20, 000 visitors per day.

Virtual sheet music is a trustworthy and good source of sheet music where you can find various sheet music based on category, instruments, ensemble, genre, composer, and skill level.

This website is extremely popular among the musicians and has also be reviewed in different music magazines like classic music, music teacher and international music, etc.

Virtual sheet music offers the affiliate program with 30 years cookie duration and a 30% commission on each sale.

This means, once a user clicks on your affiliate link then you will be paid for each sale up to 30 years.

If you focus on the conversion rate then it is very high because of their high demanding products and brand goodwill.

You can join their affiliate program directly through their website which is absolutely free and easy.

Music Business Institute

Music Business Institute

If you are a newcomer in the music industry and looking for a platform where you can create your fan base and promote your music then the Music business institute is a perfect platform for you.

This website is founded by James Taylor who is a five-time Grammy award winner and a renowned songwriter and guitarist.

They offer many courses on platforms like Facebook and Youtube where you can learn how to use these platforms as a musician.

As an affiliate, you can earn up to 50% commission if the sale will be done within the 45 days of interaction.

They offer dedicated email Id to provide support to their affiliate partners.

Because they provide 30 days 100% money-back guarantee to their users and there are many videos and written testimonials are available on their site then there is a huge chance of a high conversion.


Sound Trap

Soundtrap is an online music creation website where you can create your own music as a collaborator or individuals.

There are many samples of music are present that you can use to create your own unique sound.

You can create music individually or invite any collaborator to join. As everything is present on the cloud then he/she can access your sample anytime and anywhere in this world.

Soundtrap offers 25 USD to its affiliate partners and 30 days cookie duration.

You can join the Soundtrap Affiliate program through Viglink (A third party affiliate platform).

Soundtrap offers many features to its users that you can highlight in your post to generate high income.

Features of Soundtrap…

  • Automation: Create powerful music with this tool.
  • Loops and Presets: 40K+ high-quality beats are present on Soundtrap.
  • Autotune: Helps to modify your voice pitch and recordings.
  • Amplifier: Connect your Guitar, microphone or any other instruments to enhance the effect.
  • Patter Beat: Easy to create a new beat.   

Teaching Children Music

Teaching Children Music

Teaching children music is a family driven company that runs by a parent who wants to teach music to their children.

Later then converted their knowledge, skill and collections into a classroom to help other parents who want to teach music to their children.

Since 2010 teaching children music platform is providing interactive and engaging platform to parents and children for learning music.

If you join their platform as an affiliate partner then you can earn up to 20 to 50% affiliate commission based on the total sale amount.

Some unique features that teaching children music provided to their affiliate partners to enhance their affiliate sales are…

  • Low payment threshold.
  • You can customize your affiliate link or code.
  • 10% off  coupon to offer your users.

The best thing about this platform is, this platform is completely dedicated to children and parents.

Because of this they have very narrow audience base reach but quality of users if very high for conversion.


So, these are some best commission music affiliate programs that you can use to generate good amount of income.

But this is not the end there are many other popular music affiliate programs that you can promote on your website.

Some low commission (5 to 20%) but high conversion music affiliate programs are…

Musician’s Friends: (Cookie duration – 14 Days and Affiliate commission – 6%)
Zzounds : (Cookie Duration – 60 Days and affiliate Commission – 6% on customers’ shipment)
Loop Master: (Cookie duration – Not disclosed and affiliate commission – 15 – 20%)
Guitar Center: (Cookie duration – 14 Days and Affiliate commission – 6%)
Maestro Classic: (Cookie Duration – Not Disclosed and affiliate commission – 20%)
Music teacher helper: (Cookie duration – Not disclosed and Affiliate commission – 20%)
Singing Machine Affiliate: (Cookie Duration – 30 Days and Affiliate commission – 5%)
Muziker: (Cookie Duration – 7 Days and Affiliate commission – 1 to 2%)
Legacy Learning System: (Cookie duration – Life long and Affiliate commission – 20%)
Audimute Affiliate: (Cookie Duration – 60 Days and affiliate commission – 5%)

I hope you like this article, Have a nice day!

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