About SeoBowl

About SEO Bowl

Hey readers, Nice to see you are here and willing to know something about me.
My Name is Shaurya Prakash, I am graduated in Electrical Engineering but during my graduation I realize that engineer is not for me but any how I completed my 4 years of Engineering and after my graduation I decided to go for government jobs.

I invested lots of time in preparation but because of lack of dedication I didn’t qualified.  So, I decided to move on join Digital Marketing field, I went to Delhi and join three months digital marketing course in a Digital marketing training institute.  

During my training I learn and explore different components of DM like Search Engine marketing, Social Media marketing, Search engine optimization, Email Marketing, Affiliate marketing, Content marketing, etc. I successfully completed my course and start working in a online marketing company.

I worked for different projects and develop my skills for all components of online marketing but one field which I actually love is Search engine optimization. 

I personally like this particular field of Digital Marketing because of its vast opportunities and challenges. I started learning very hard with my hard work and dedication I receive many positive reviews from clients. 

Motive behind starting this SEO Based blog is to enhance the SEO skills of my readers with my skills and knowledge so that they can achieve positive outcome within a very short period of time as I did. 

Generally people say that SEO is a time taking process but in my dictionary if you work with proper understanding of search engine and users behaviours then you will get higher ranking on SERP within a very short time span.   

Here, I will share all my strategies related to On page, Off Page and Technical SEO that I personally follow in my projects and get positive results within a very limited period of time.

For more, You can see my work here: SEO Bowl